If you’re like me, you’ve grown tired of dealing with Nike’s closed system. I’ll admit their products were once welcoming and user friendly. Originally I used their mobile app, then I switch over to the Nike GPS watch, which has served me well. But over the years, most recently with their website update of June 2016, Nike+ has become obsolete in the world of fitness tracking.

For months I have searched for a way out of Nike’s grasp. I didn’t want to just jump ship to another fitness tracker as I would lose 100s of activities since Nike doesn’t allow for an easy way to export your data.

I’m here to show you an easy way to export your Nike GPS data and upload it to another tracker of your choice (Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin, etc.).

Also, if this quick guide helped you out, would ya consider tossing me a dollar or two?

Watch the video below or follows the steps below the video. Enjoy!

Step One:

Hop on over to Smash Run and sign up for a new account using your Nike+ login credentials.


export nike gps
export nike+ gps data

Step Two:

In the upper right corner of Smash Run’s homepage is a button to import recent data from Nike+. Click it.

**This step might not be necessary the first time around, but it is required for all future imports of your Nike+ running data.



Step Three:

If you like the way Smash Run compiles and shows your data, then you’re done! Way to go! You saved yourself! But if you’d prefer to use a different tracker, head on over to Tapiriik. Once you’re there, connect your Smash Run account (the same email and password as your Nike+ account). From there, you can sync Strava, Garmin, endomondo, run keeper, Dropbox, etc. Tapiriik is an amazing service that will keep your data synched across a plethora of avenues.



Step Four:

Enjoy your freedom from Nike+! I admittedly still use their GPS watch, but it’s all I have right now. So after each run I go for, I plug my watch into my computer, let the data automatically upload to Nike, head over to Smash Run where I do my first import, then I head over to Tapiriik where I send my new GPS data off to its final resting place.


I hope at some point Nike realizes they are not doing their customers a favor by holding on tight to our running data. You could look at the current market of GPS enable watches/devices and see how many allow the user to export GPS data freely. I, as well as many other people, tend to be more loyal to certain brands that don’t hold us back.

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  1. Hi – I tried to connect to Nike to get at my run data but it’s not letting me in from your webpage. Have they shut down access

  2. Love it. Thanks.
    The last straw for me was when voice feedback stopped working on the 5.0 update. I could no longer live monitor my pace and it removed any reason to keep the app apart from losing all that data.

  3. Thanks for pointing me to Smash Run! I’ve been using a Nike GPS watch for about four years but the website changes this year have been really frustrating, especially the loss of access to the pace of my run/walk splits when doing interval training (a couple of times a week at the moment). The start/finish of my intervals doesn’t seem to come through into Smash Run but the ‘pace by distance’ graph is good enough 🙂

  4. This really is helpful and we all owe you a beer, but of course it’s still an awkward work-around that takes time and will no-doubt be interrupted as often as possible by Nike. It shouldn’t be necessary. I wonder if Nike realises this effectively renders their products obsolete and many of us will choose to buy in the future from just about any company APART FROM Nike, since they have annoyed us so much. Same goes for clothing too, which presumably is their main reason for trying to strangle us all into using their obsolete interface (which is predominantly an online shopping page). I will actively avoid all Nike products in the future if they don’t enable us to export our own data very soon, and I suspect there will be thousands like me.

    Nike – if you are listening – stop shooting yourself in the foot!!

    1. Yup, I agree with John. My husband and I have both switched because of this and had taken the loss of data as a small price to pay for not having to go through this annoyance anymore. Thank you so much for this great work around enabling me to extract my data from Nike+. Goodbye Nike.

  5. Not working for less than ‘bulk imports’. Still very clunky and unreliable.. will ultimately mean a move away from Nike+ to Strava (battery drain but worth the ease of use with all exercise tracking). Thanks again though!

  6. This was awesome! I was shocked to learn Nike was holding my data hostage like that, super glad I could export it into Strava this way.

  7. This is top fab method, thanks heaps for making this possible, to me very impressive.
    One part I do not understand is step 4. I can see all activities in tapiriik. Now how could I export that? Someone help guide as I cannot find any way. I see the check mark under STV, so data from strava is there.

  8. I make it to step 4, and when I go to Garmin connect to enter my username and password (which are correct), it says there was an error. I’m really bummed because I just bought a Garmin, and exported over 5 years of Nike + data.

    There was a system error 🙁 – message I keep getting

  9. WOW this is Awesome! I have been wanting to “Breakup” with Nike+ for a long time only I was afraid of the pain from loosing all of my Run Data. This was SO EASY, and PAINLESS! Thank You So Much!!! Happy Running 🏃‍♀️

  10. Step 0: Make sure your nike.com password does not contain ‘+’ or ‘&’. If necessary, log in to nike.com and change it before you use Smash Run.

  11. Thanks for this solution – works great. Really surprised you got the GPS data out of NRC+ and in to Strava, I’ve tried other solutions like RunGap that couldn’t do that. At the moment I find NRC+ on the AW2 a better App than the Strava AW2 app, so I don’t want to “leave” Nike as a very good app, but much prefer Strava for connecting with friends, segments etc.

  12. I use this solution for months but I have problems since end June. Synchronization between Nike and Smashrun works but doesn’t take geodata into account. I only have time and distance from Nike+ into Smashrun. Someone with the same problem ? Any solution ?

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